My Darling Beast Cat

August 7, 2005 - November 26, 2013

August 7, 2005 – November 26, 2013

My orange and white angel passed away yesterday evening. He had a lymphatic tumor that his surgeons thought was operable; however, when they opened him up, they discovered that it was huge – 14 cm x 14 cm – and encompassed a large portion of the blood supply to his intestines. The cancer had also spread to his other lymph nodes, and was much, much worse than the ultrasound he’d had several days prior had indicated. My sweet husband and I decided that it would be kinder if our beastie just didn’t wake up, as the surgeons thought it unlikely he’d recover even from just being opened up and looked at. We went to the hospital and held him, still out from anesthesia, in our laps. We said our goodbyes, and held him close, and then the surgeon put him under.

Rest in peace, my beloved angel.

Beastie Sleeping

Beastie Portrait

Beastie Snoozing




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