Dairy-Free Taco Seasoning


A spice melange, indeed!

As I mentioned, I have a dairy allergy. Therefore, I’ve had to be vigilant about hidden ingredients in food. Surprise, surprise, commercially available taco seasoning has whey in it! As do many other storebought spices. There was no way I was giving up taco seasoning, when I already had to give up so many other things. So I gave an online recipe for homemade taco seasoning a try. I was amazed – no exaggeration – to find that it tasted exactly like the well-known McCormick brand, maybe even better! The McCormick brand now tastes too salty in comparison. I’ll be sticking with this recipe, even if my dairy allergies ever go away.


Contrasting rather boldly with my blue plastic cutting board, the taco seasoning resonates proudly with the teaspoon measure. Yes, that doesn’t make any sense.

To be a bit cheeky, I washed our old McCormick container and stored my brand-spanking-new, homemade taco seasoning in it. I get a kick out of seeing my creation housed within a mass-produced container. I don’t know why.


The colours of all the spices are breathtaking. Plus, they smell yummy.

Use the same amount you normally would for cooking. My husband and I have been using 2 generous TBS per pound of ground beef, and adding just a skosh of water. Cook as you normally would – no changes necessary!


A mountain of… erm, I’m actually not sure if that’s paprika or cayenne pepper. But it’s there, and it’s mountainous. Mountains.

The only drawback to this recipe is that it only yields around a cup of seasoning. That sounds like a lot, unless you cook with taco seasoning frequently. If you number among such people, then I suggest you double the amounts found below when making this yourself.


The spice melange rides again!

Finally, please forgive the many photographs accompanying this post. I couldn’t resist playing with the spices as I added them to the bowl, forming my own little Sahara made out of scarlet, vermillion, mustard yellow, and gold. The colours of the spices together are gorgeous.


Couldn’t you just imagine sliding down the hills of paprika, cumin, cayenne pepper, and other spices? What a tasty journey that would be! Probably sneezy, too.

Dairy-Free Taco Seasoning

Yield: About 1 cup of seasoning


4 TBS chili powder
3 TBS plus 1 tsp. paprika
3 TBS ground cumin
1 TBS plus 2 tsp. onion powder
1 tsp. garlic powder
¼ tsp. cayenne pepper


Stir all ingredients together in a medium bowl. Store in an airtight container.

Source: Annie’s Eats



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