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Godiva Kitty

Welcome, Willkommen! I’m KitchEnchantress. I have created this space to document my journeys in cooking and baking. KitchEnchanted was originally designed as a dessert blog, with main courses taking a back seat to whimsical sugary creations. As my exploration of new cooking techniques progressed, I realized that there is so much more to the foodie world than sugar! Consequently, I have expanded the spotlight of this blog to shine attention on main courses and low-sugar dessert options. Vegetarian, carnivorous, sugar-craving, and vegan palates are all represented here. Truly, there is something for everyone on KitchEnchanted!

I speak reasonable German, and am happy to translate any of my blog recipes into German upon request. (If you come across a German or Spanish recipe you’d like translated into English, I am happy to do that, too.)

Because I am the sole creator of, and contributor to, KitchEnchanted, my quirky personality informs the tone and direction of the blog. I love both windswept mountains and the big city, and I am addicted to snow and the cold! I am a confirmed animal friend of the Blaise Pascal persuasion, and I adore my cat-babies (see below for their brief cat-ographies). A selection of my favourite quotes can be found at the bottom of this page. Read on!

The Roster of Amazing Cat-titude

The Godcat

The Godcat looks rather fetching with a tissue on his head.

The Godcat looks rather fetching with a tissue on his head.

Sadly, our beloved Godcat passed away in early July of 2017. Originally a street cat, The Godcat knew he had it good here with us. He loved to snuggle up on our laps and purr. He was also very talkative! I had never met such a Chatty Cathy. The Godcat was the smartest cat I’ve ever met. He would follow my finger when I pointed at something and would look at what I was pointing at; he tried to open doors. He never stopped trying to take over the world, small as he was.

Ninja Cat

Ninja Cat got busted in the laundry basket! He thought he was so slick for “hiding” in there.

Ninja Cat is sleek, swift, and cunning. From his indoor-only vantage point, he stalks birds, squirrels, and socks. He is fiercely loyal, and completely insane. I suspect he’s a secret agent cat.

Hearth Cat

Hearth Cat is a Truly Sweet Beastie.

Hearth Cat is a Truly Sweet Beastie.

Hearth Cat really does love hanging out on the hearth! We keep a careful eye on him, lest his tail catch on fire like Yellow Dog’s in Funny Farm. Hearth Cat is more like a puppy than a cat; he follows us from room to room, pretending all the while that he just happened to come into the same room. But we’ve got his number.


Beast Cat, who passed away on November 26, 2013. Despite the antics of my other babies, the house is so empty without my Beast Cat.

Beast cat is so fetching in purple!

My darling beastie-fur.

Beast Cat had what I called Disney Eyes. He was such a beautiful cat, with a friendly, dignified personality. He loved to spoon-cuddle, had a rich, loud purr, and was in a class by himself. Beast Cat was a gentle giant, a total sweetheart. He and his namesake are firmly lodged in my heart. I miss them every day, even though his namesake has been gone now for ten years.

Quotes that Inspire Me

“Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.”
~William Butler Yeats

“As vocabulary is reduced, so are the number of feelings you can express, the number of events you can describe, the number of the things you can identify! Not only understanding is limited, but also experience. Man grows by language. Whenever he limits language he retrogresses!”
~Sheri S. Tepper

“Whatever you think you can do, begin it – remember the magic of boldness.”
~Lisa Noble

“Do I contradict myself? Very well, then I contradict myself. I am large, I contain multitudes.”
~Walt Whitman


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